Results Driven Power Facials

We offer a wide range of manual and electrical facial treatments all of which are tailored to your individual skin care needs. Having searched high and low through the industry we have discovered a ‘results based’ range of skin care that really does get amazing results.
If you are unsure of which treatment to have then we can offer a thirty minute consultation to answer your questions and to help you decide. We have facials for all skin types and concerns. We are very proud to be an Environ Salon of Excellence Award Winning Salon.

Environ Active Vitamin

For all types of skin. Uses sound waves and small electrical impulses to drive highly active vitamins into the lower levels of the skin to produce results more quickly. Treats sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, rosacea, acne, broken capillaries, and high colour. We offer a free consultation prior to the treatment so we can tailor make your facial and recommend a treatment plan. The 30 minute precision facial treats 1-2 areas of concern, 65 minute precision facial treats 3 areas and the 90 minute precision facial treats the whole face, neck and décolleté.

30 mins £38.00 / Course of 6 £190
65 mins £55.00 / Course of 6 £275
90 Mins £65.00 / Course of 6 £390

Add a targeted 15 Minute CACI Eye or Jowl Lift for an extra £20.00
Add a targeted 30 Minute CACI Eye and Jowl Lift for an extra £38.00

Environ Collagen Power Facial

Uses the innovative DFP 312 Peptide Serum. This facial is excellent for improving uneven skin texture, tightening and plumping the skin, softening fine lines and creating a more youthful appearance. The 30 minute facial treats 1-2 areas of concern, the 65 minute facial treats the whole face and the 90 minute facial treats the face, neck and décolleté.

30 mins £38.00 / Course of 6 £190
65 mins £60.00 / Course of 6 £300
90 Mins £70.00 / Course of 6 £350

Triple Lift Facial

This is our most powerful anti-aging facial, combining the Environ Collagen Power Peptide Facial with CACI Non-Surgical eye and jowl lifts. The Peptide facial works on your skin tightening, smoothing the texture and plumping fine lines, while the CACI works on your muscles to give a powerful lift around your eyes and jowls.

90 Mins £85.00 / Course 0f 6 £425.00

Environ Cool Peel

This is a new approach to achieve smoother, healthier skin, without damaging the epidermis like harsher chemical peels. Helps to clear the complexion, boost hydration and calm inflammation, especially good for scarring, rough textured skin, sun damage, acne and acne rosacea. You must be on an Environ moisturiser for at least 3 weeks before the peel to prepare the skin and we strongly recommend Environ products afterwards for the best results. A course of 6 treatments is recommended for the best results.

60 Mins £55.00 / Course of £275

Environ No Botox Frown Facial

If you are considering Botox or you’ve had it in the past, the pentapeptide Focus Frown Serum is a natural alternative and achieves dramatic result, reducing muscle tension around the eyes and frown line to give a more youthful look. For the best results we highly recommend continued use of the serum at home (lasts around 8-10 weeks). As part of the facial, this is available at a 20% discount.

45 Mins £95.00

Environ Hydraboost Facial

This is an intensive treatment for very dry and dull looking skin. We use small electrical impulses to drive hyaluronic acid based serum more deeply into the skin to produce glowing and plumped skin very quickly. This includes a bottle of hydrating serum worth £70.00 to use at home for the following few weeks.

70 Mins £120

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) Skin Needling


Derma Roller, micro-needling and skin needling. These are all ways to describe a scientifically researched and proven treatment that makes your skin naturally produce new collagen and elastin and produce amazing results.

Skin needling is a specialised skin treatment that harnesses the body’s natural powers of healing.

Therefore tightens the skin, addresses visible signs of ageing, reduces scarring, reduces pigmentation and plumps the skin.

CST stimulates your own natural production of collagen and elastin by mimicking a trauma to the skin, causing a natural repair process.

This treatment delivers long lasting results and healthy skin.


Initial Treatment £250.00 (£50 0ff for first 10 ladies) (2 hour treatment) / Course of 3 to 6 treatments £499.00 – £TBC

CACI Non-Surgical Facelift

The UK’s best non-surgical facelift. Anyone who wants to lift up “The Sag” from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez and Cliff Richard they are all big fans. This treatment delivers visible results without the need for surgery. Small electrical impulses lift and tone facial muscles while improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The extended facial is for more mature skin and those with specific concerns about lax muscles. The hydratone mask rehydrates and plumps the skin, cooling, soothing and calming any redness.

65 Mins £45.00 / Course of 10 £405

CACI Eye Lift

This lifts and firms the muscles around the eyes particularly where eyebrows lose definition with age. It also smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

20 Mins £20 / Course of 10 £180

CACI Jowl Lift

This treatment targets muscle laxity around the jawline, lifting, firming and refining facial contours.20 Mins £20 /

Course of 10 £180

CACI Eye Revive Treatment

This lifts and firms muscles around the eye.

30 Mins £35

Crystal Clear Comcit H20 Glow

The Cryo Oxyegn and Oxygen treatment are used to energise the skin and transport  oxygen into the skin, giving it a beautiful glow, whilst hyaluronic acid in cellular Active infusion, hydrates the skin from within, when applied with our Comcit roller head. Katie Price is heavily endorsing this treatment so much so she has bought one for her own salon. You can apply make up straight away. This treatment is called The Red Carpet treatment because your skin will have that wonderful glow and dewy fresh looking skin so you are ready for the evening.

Treatment £65

Crystal Clear Comcit Frozen Facial

The Cryo Oxygen Micro Channelling Collagen Induction Therapy developed by Crystal Clear. This treatment instantly smooths your skin leaving it fresh, firmer, plumper and more youthful. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and produces taugter and more rejuvenated skin through the promotion of collagen.

Treatment £75 / Course of Six £450 and get the 7th treatment FREE

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial



Beauty Flash Facial

The Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Treatment but has no mask or shoulder massage included.

30 Mins – £32 / Course of 10 Treatments £270

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial

The Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatment including a Mini Lift Mask and Shoulder Massage.

45 Mins – £55.00 / Course of 10 Treatments £495


Clarins Skin Spa


The Claris Beauty Room is a haven of tranquillity within our beautiful salon where you can relax, unwind and feel the power and benefit of the Clarins products combined with the knowledge of our fully trained therapists.


Clarins Discovery Facial (£20 Redeemable against a purchase of a Clarins product)

Your first taste of a Clarins facial that will be tailored to your skin type and concerns. This 40 minute introductory treatment which includes a massage to the neck and décolleté.



Clarins Signature Facials



Lifting Replenishment Facial

For fine lines and superficial wrinkles. This treatment smooths and re-sculpts and re-defines facial contours as well as visibly reducing the look of wrinkles and dark spots. The ultimate rejuvenation.

£60 / 1 hour Add back, neck and shoulder massage to the treatment for £20

Power Firmer Facial

For skin lacking in Luminosity, age spots, deeper lines and wrinkles, menopausal skin and redness. This treatment stimulates the skin to deliver a triple rejuvenating action working on the wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

£60 / 1 hour Add back, neck and shoulder massage to the treatment for £20

Radiance Reviver Facial

Especially for stressed skins. Ideal for new mums or people constantly on the go. This treatment recharges dull, tired and stressed skin with a cocktail of anti-oxidants and plant extracts.

£60 / 1 hour Add back, neck and shoulder massage to the treatment for £20

Moisture Quencher Facial

For dry, dehydrated skin. This multi level hydration treatment, gives intense nourishment for dry and weakened skin. The ingredients used will help to plump and firm the skin leaving it soft and supple.

£60 / 1 hour Add back, neck and shoulder massage to the treatment for £20

Skin Soother Facial

For  sensitive or irritated skin. This soothing and healing facial will help to calm irritated and sensitive skin. Redness is reduced and your skin recovers its softness, suppleness and comfort.

£60 / 1 hour Add back, neck and shoulder massage to the treatment for £20














One of the best facials I’ve ever had; the Clarins tri active. I felt amazing and relaxed after it, my skin was glowing. Lovely salon and fabulous staff 5*

— Nikki

Amazing facials, great friendly staff at a top end quality salon. Love treating myself here! 5*

— Helen

Lovely service and friendly staff. Had a manicure and mini pedicure (file and polish).

— Lesley